• 2020–present Ph.D. Faculty of Information and Book History and Print Culture
    Dissertation in progress: “Innovation of Book Formats and Accessible Production in Canadian Indie Publishing”
    University of Toronto
    Supervisor: Dr Alan Galey
    Committee members: Dr Claire Battershill and Dr Patrick Keilty
  • 2017–19 Master of Publishing
    Thesis: “Launching Constellate Publishing: An Evaluation of Small Press Genre Fiction Publishing in Canada”
    Simon Fraser University
    Supervisor: Dr John Maxwell
  • 2016–17 Editing Certificate
    Simon Fraser University
  • 2015–16 Bachelor of Arts, English with a minor in publishing
    Simon Fraser University
  • 2011–14 Associate of Arts, English
    Kwantlen Polytechnic University


sole author unless otherwise stated; prior to 2021 as Ellen Michelle

Book Chapters

  • 2021. “Canada’s Fantasy Worlds: Worldbuilding in Urban Fantasy.” Worlds Apart: Worldbuilding in Fantasy and Science Fiction. Ed. Francesca T Barbini. Luna Press Publishing.

Industry Publications

Manuscripts in Progress

  • Under contract. “Memos from the Novel’s Author: The Adaptation of FlashForward for Television as a Series of Foucauldian Mirrors.” American Science Fiction Television and Space: Productions and (Re)configurations. Eds. Hawkes, Joel, Alexander Christie, and Thomas Nienhuis. Palgrave Macmillan.
  • In press. Galey, Alan, Ellen Forget, and Charu Sharma. “Reading Fictional Worlds of Technology with Ursula Franklin: Fail-Safe and Constructed Realities.” What Would Ursula Franklin Say, McLuhan Centre for Culture and Technology Working Group.
  • In submission. Galey, Alan and Ellen Forget. “Reading the Materiality of Videogames Through Fan Documentation.” [NOT] The Game: Understanding Game Paratexts. Book chapter abstract accepted.

Conference Presentations

sole author unless otherwise stated; prior to 2021 as Ellen Michelle

  • 2021. Forget, Ellen and Selena Middleton. “The Rise of Environmental Science Fiction and the Risks of Sustainable Small Press Production.” Independent Publishing Conference, online. November 25–27.
  • 2021. “The Book as a Bridge: Examining Gender Roles in Book Publishing in Genius.” Books on Screen Symposium, online. November 3.
  • 2021. “Accessibility in Digital Book Fomats: The Case of Amanda Leduc’s Disfigured.” Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing (SHARP) Moving Texts, online. July 26–30.
  • 2021. “Canadian Literary Festivals: Creating Community in Speculative Fiction Publishing.” Bibliographical Society of Canada Annual Conference, online. May 31–June 1.
  • 2021. “Accessibility in Digital Book Formats: The Case of Amanda Leduc’s Disfigured.” University of Toronto iSchool Research Days, online. April 8.
  • 2021. “Accessibility in Canadian Indie Trade Publishing.” University of Toronto Book History and Print Culture Colloquium, online. March 5–6.
  • 2018. “Discussion of Forensic and Formal Materiality in Book Publishing.” Digital Museum Exhibit. Student Digital Showcase, Simon Fraser University and University of Victoria.
  • 2016. “The Process of Publishing Craft.” Simon Fraser University FCAT Undergraduate Conference.

Roundtables Organized

  • 2018. “Editing Education Options in Canada.” Editors Association of Canada Annual Conference, Saskatoon. May 25–27.

Digital Projects

  • 2021–present Canadian Speculative Fiction Database
    • develop a database built with Drupal of small-press, independent, and self-published speculative fiction books in Canada
    • connect with publishers, authors, and artists working with speculative fiction genres to collect their data for inclusion in the project
    • built an interactive timeline of speculative fiction publishing in Canada using Twine
  • 2018 Exhibit of Forensic and Formal Materiality in Book Publishing
    • developed a virtual museum exhibit in Unity video game software
    • showcased an issue of The Winter Owl magazine from 1919 and included bibliographic description of materiality of form and format


Publishing Industry

  • 2019–present Copy and production editor for Pop! an annual open-access academic journal
  • 2016–present Freelance editor and writing consultant
  • 2019–20 Sales assistant at Raincoast Books Distribution Ltd.
  • 2018–19 Publisher at Constellate Publishing, speculative fiction e-zine
  • 2017–19 Book reviewer at Scribbles, Quibbles, and Scrawlings Review Blog
  • 2016–19 Sales representative at Myth Hawker Travelling Bookstore
  • 2016–18 Managing editor at Reality Skimming Press
  • 2016 Editorial intern at Now or Never Publishing
  • 2016 Editorial intern at Western Living Magazine

Teaching Assistantships

  • 2018–20 Simon Fraser University
    PUB101 Publishing the Self in Everyday Life (F18, Spr19)
    PUB375 Magazine Publishing (F18, Spr19, Spr20)
    IAT103W Design Communication and Collaboration (Sum19)

Invited Lectures and Class Visits

  • 2019–21 Editing in Another World: Editing Speculative Fiction Genres
    Simon Fraser University PUB601 Editing (F19, F20, F21)
  • 2021 Coach House Books and Publishing Today
    University of Toronto INF2331H The Future of the Book (W21)


  • 2021 Editing in Another World: Editing Speculative Fiction Genres
    Editors’ Association of Canada


  • 2021–present Research assistant for Dr Dan Newman’s SSHRC Insight Grant-funded Science Narratology project
    University of Toronto, English Department
  • 2020–present Research assistant for Dr Alan Galey’s SSHRC-funded Veil of Code project
    University of Toronto, Faculty of Information
  • 2018–19 Research assistant for Dr John Maxwell’s Mind the Gap project
    Simon Fraser University, Publishing Department
  • 2016–17 Research assistant for Dr Margaret Linley’s Lake District project
    Simon Fraser University, English Department


Service to the University

  • 2021–present Mentor for the Faculty of Information student mentorship program
  • 2021–present Secretary for the Faculty of Information Doctoral Student Association (DSA)
  • 2021–present Co-founder of the DSA Accessibility Committee
  • 2021–present Member of the Faculty of Information Research Days Conference Planning Committee
  • 2021–present PhD student representative for the Progams Committee
  • 2020–present Member of the DSA Mental Health Committee

Service to the Profession(s)

  • 2021–present Editor of The Bulletin for the Bibliographical Society of Canada
  • 2018–20 Co-chair of the Professional Development Committee on the Executive Committee of the British Columbia branch of Editors’ Association of Canada
  • 2017–19 Marketing Coordinator for West Coast Science Fiction Association
  • 2017–18 Project manager and editor for the fundraiser anthology for West Coast Science Fiction Association
  • 2016–18 Member of the Professional Development Committee of the British Columbia branch of Editors’ Association of Canada
  • 2016–Volunteer at the Editors’ Association of Canada conference

Service to the Community

  • 2021–present Coach for the Toronto Leaside Girls Hockey Association
  • 2016 Blue pencil editor for the community program between Editors’ Association of Canada and Vancouver Public Library
  • 2015–16 National correspondent for
  • 2015 Literary volunteer for The Writers’ Exchange

Independent Coursework

University of Toronto iSkills Workshops

  • 2021 Python 102: Building on the basics
  • 2021 Introduction to reproducible analyses and documents with R Markdown
  • 2021 Reading technologys for people with print disabilities
  • 2021 R: An introduction
  • 2020 Visually communicating your research: Graphic tools and visual storytelling techniques for researchers
  • 2020 A taste of Python: Starting from scratch
  • 2020 A gentle dive into Git: The multi tool for saving, storing, publishing and sharing your work
  • 2020 Indigenous materials & perspectives in library collections

Editors' Association of Canada Seminars

  • 2019 Plain Language From Start to Finish
  • 2018 Skilful Structural Editing
  • 2018 From Slush Pile to Newsstand: Workshopping the Magazine Workflow
  • 2017 The Secrets of Syntax
  • 2016 Tax and Finance for Freelancers
  • 2016 The Art of the Query
  • 2016 Introduction to Applying Proofreading Markup to PDFs Using Adobe Acrobat

Digital Humanities Summer Institute, UVic

  • 2019 Digital Games as Tools for Scholarly Research, Communication, and Pedagogy
  • 2018 Digital Storytelling
  • 2018 Digital Publishing in the Humanities
  • 2017 Text and Text Processing

Other Independent Coursework

  • 2021 Introduction to Text Encoding
    Library Juice Academy
  • 2021 Reading Publishers’ Archives for the Study of the American Book
    Rare Book School
  • 2021 Fantastic Texts and Where to Find Them
    University of Glasgow
  • 2019 French Beginner I
    University of British Columbia
  • 2015 Book Editing Immersion
    Simon Fraser University Publishing Workshops
  • 2015 Copy Editing and Proofreading
    Simon Fraser University Publishing Workshops


  • 2021–present Bibliographic Society of America
  • 2021–present Bibliographic Society of Canada
  • 2021–present Society for the History of Authorship, Reading, and Publishing
  • 2016–present Editors’ Association of Canada
  • 2016–19 West Coast Science Fiction Association