Editing Portfolio

I have had the pleasure of working with many authors directly either prior to submitting their manuscript or to prepare for self-publishing. Some of these clients and projects are listed below; however, this is by no means a complete portfolio of all manuscripts I have worked on.

Frozen Statues – Lori Fraser, copy edit 2017

“Scilla’s Monster” – Elisha Betts, accepted in the Brave New Girls anthology; stylistic and copy edit; 2017

The Magnum Opus – Christopher and Christine Kezelos; stylistic and copy edit; 2016

Megan Survival Anthology – edited by Ellen Michelle Koehler; structural and copy edit; 2016

Collidor Stream Collection – edited by Jennifer Lott and Ellen Michelle Koehler; structural and copy edit; 2016

Holy War 2nd Edition – Lynda Williams; copy edit; 2016

Touching Strangers – Stacey Madden; copy edit and proofread; 2016

Pretend to Feel – Richard Rosenbaum; copy edit and proofread; 2016

But When We Look Closer – Susan E. Lloy; copy edit and proofread; 2016

The Fatalists – Patrick Blennerhasset; copy edit and proofread; 2016

Nobodies – Chris Gilmore; copy edit and proofread; 2016

Writing Portfolio

I have had work published for a number of projects that I have worked on including content for my book review blog Scribbles, Quibbles, and Scrawlings, volunteer work for Editors’ Association of Canada, and my internship with Western Living magazine. Here I list a few articles that have been published, but this list is by no means exhaustive.

Editors’ Association of Canada West Coast Blog

Event Review: PubPro Sessions at the Editors’ Association of Canada National Conference

A brief overview of the PubPro session on Markua cloud services by Peter Armstrong.

Event Review: Introduction to Applying Proofreading Markup to PDFs

A brief overview of the concepts and materials taught at an Editors’ Association of Canada workshop that I attended. (2016)

Western Living Magazine

Surrey Wall Sconce Snags Nomination for London Design Awards

An article about a father and son design team from South Surrey that managed to receive a nomination for a prestigious London design award. (2016)

Where to Find the Best Artisan Fare in the Okanagan

A brief review and introduction to Jennifer Cockrall-King’s book Food Artisans of the Okanagan. (2016)