Every manuscript or project is different. They have different elements, needs, and target audiences. These differences mean that there are no set rates for any specific type of editing.

For information regarding what editors charge see the rates guidelines from Editors Canada. For general approximations of rates for different editing types visit the Editorial Freelancers Association rate page.

Quotes are evaluated on a project by project basis taking into consideration every element of the manuscript including, but not limited to, the type of editing required and the length, complexity, and elements (images, graphs, tables, appendices, etc.) of the manuscript.

photo-1458819515999-67360e34c24bRates can be structured per page, per hour, or a flat project rate. Rates will be negotiated based on the level of editing, type of manuscript, and time frame—rush jobs will usually have higher fees. Please note that no matter the style or layout of any given manuscript, one manuscript page is defined as 250 words. 

Down payments may be required depending on the size and time frame of the project. The remaining fees may be collected either at the end of the project or in instalments while completing the project. The final document with all changes will be sent upon receipt of the final payment.

Payments can be made via PayPal, bank transfer, cheque, or cash. All payments will be invoiced.