In all of my work I adhere to the Professional Editorial Standards as outlined by the Editors’ Association of Canada.

Editing Services

Manuscript Assessment

An evaluation of the entire manuscript with comments that stem from structural, stylistic, and copy editing. This includes a written evaluation with recommended next steps, but does not include in-text notes (this is provided with a full structural or stylistic edit).

Structural and Substantive Editing

Editing that focuses on the big idea of the text including organization, voice, consistency, point of view, and the intended audience. This stage of editing may include reorganizing whole sections or chapters and other large edits.

Line and Stylistic Editing

Editing for style on a line-by-line basis to improve flow and quality of understanding for the reader. This stage of editing may involves reordering paragraphs or sentences to ensure proper flow, communication, and transition between sections.

Copy Editing

Copy editing refers to the correctness of the text in terms of grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other elements of style. This stage of editing involves creating a style sheet if one is not provided, and can include fact checking if the text requires it.


Proofreading is the final stage of editing, which includes reviewing the text as it will be printed with all appropriate images, tables, graphs, and any other element that may be included. The process of proofreading includes checking that fonts and headings match; references to images, tables, and graphs; page numbers and references; image captions; and any other possible errors in textual or visual elements.

Other Services

Creative Writing Consultation

This is structural editing prior to writing. Useful if you have an idea, storyboard, or collection of characters or plots and want consultation on how best to organize various elements.

Book Design – Interior Layout

Using Adobe InDesign to create the interior layout for your print or digital book. This includes formatting title pages, front matter, chapter headings, headers, footers, page numbers, and the main text.

 XML Proofreading and Markup

Proofreading XML markup for consistency throughout the document and proofreading digitized text against a scanned or physical text for accuracy. My expertise is more content-focused than syntactical, but I do have experience with TEI Lite code. Previous experience is in Oxygen XML Editor, but I am willing to learn other programs if necessary.

Academic Editing

This includes structural, stylistic, copy editing, and proofreading an academic paper depending on the stage and timeline of the project. Any level of academic paper is accepted with strict adherence to individual institutional academic policies. I am familiar with MLA, APA, and Chicago citation styles.

 Technical Writing and Editing

Technical writing is different than non-fiction in that it is mainly made up of plain language and used for a very specific purpose. The process for editing technical documents is different than editing other documents, with a larger focus on clarity and organization. I have experience in technical writing and editing through a full-time position, and am qualified to write and edit these types of documents.